Grades 9 - 12

Approximate ages 15-18

Student Characteristics:

  1. Concerned with present events, especially in own life
  2. Interested in justice, fairness
  3. Moving toward special interests, topics
  4. Can take on responsibility, independent work
  5. Can synthesize
  6. Desires to express feelings, own ideas
  7. Generally idealistic

Teaching Methods:

  1. Drama, oral presentations, poetry
  2. Research, integration of disciplines, synthesis of ideas
  3. Classic literature, history, speeches, debates
  4. Give responsibilities, e.g. working with younger students, organize activities
  5. In-depth field trips
  6. World view discussion/written papers
  7. Construction/public defense of theses


Cornerstone Classical School scored big at its first ever showing at the National Latin Exam. Under the tutelage of Latin instructor, Miss Haley Marshall, Basalt's Cornerstone students did exceedingly well with 7 students receiving high honor recognition. Two Gold Medals were awarded to 9th and 8th graders Beth Caudill and Michelle Marshall. Two Silver Medals were awarded to 10th and 11th graders Karsyn Everett and Tucker Lamping. The National Latin Exam is designed to test the proficiency and linguistic dexterity of students from across the nation. Latin gives the CCS scholar articulation and verbal poise. It is a crucial element of the Classical Education at Cornerstone.