Pre- Grammar

Grades Kindergarten through Second

Approximate ages 4-8

Student Characteristics:

  1. Obviously excited about learning
  2. Enjoys games, stories, songs, projects
  3. Short attention span
  4. Wants to touch, taste, feel, smell, see
  5. Imaginative, creative
  6. Likes to copy, imitate

Teaching Methods:

  1. Guide discovering
  2. Explore, find things
  3. Use lots of tactile items to illustrate point
  4. Sing, play games, chant, recite, color, draw, paint, build
  5. Use body movements
  6. Short, creative projects
  7. Show and Tell, drama, hear/read/tell stories
  8. Field trips
  9. Reinforce conceptual understanding of letters, numbers,                     associated meanings
  10. Provide copying, imitating opportunities