Every student is actively engaged in outreach and service projects every quarter. The purpose is to create within each student an awareness of serving others and to equip them to be servant leaders. The phrase, “It’s not about me” is what we focus upon as we seek to serve others. The Logic and Rhetoric students have prepared a pancake breakfast for the school community and a Pastor’s Appreciation. In addition to continuing with local charities and 'Feeding the Homeless', this year we are planning a mission trip abroad to expand our students' understanding of serving others. Experiencing a different culture and learning a foreign language will further develop their personal testimonies.

  • mentoring

    An important feature of life at CCS is the ability to spend time with students of all ages. It is incredible to watch the older and younger students play together both in and out of the classroom. All too often we tend to want to keep them apart; at CCS we intentionally bring them together and the results are amazing. Every Friday, the Logic and Rhetoric students spend some quality time in the morning in the classrooms of the Grammar students. The smiles tell the whole story!


    The Logic and Rhetoric students learn Readers Theatre, which is a style of theatre in which they memorize or read their lines in such an expressive and dramatic way so as to engage the audience inviting their participation. This rhetoric skill is an important feature and skill of Cornerstone, which equips the students to be able to stand up in front of others and be able to articulate in a confident and authoritative manner.


    The students are encouraged to participate in lively spontaneous and planned debates and discussions through their courses. They learn the correct form of address, presentational styles and formats. They are taught to be sensitive to ‘both sides of the argument’ and to respect their ‘opponents’. This art of argumentation often produces a lively conversation both in and out of school.


    Grade levels are intentionally paired together each quarter and will sit together during Chapel. The younger students enjoy the fact that the ‘big kids’ sit next to them while the older students learn that what they say and do have consequences, especially when there are young eyes watching.  Video


    Twice every month the adults challenge the students to a friendly game. Seeing mums, dads, and teachers ‘out of context’ and enjoying themselves is a healthy part of the culture, spirit and relationship that is truly unique at Cornerstone.


    An important component is that CCS feels very passionately that The Fine Arts play a crucial role in every child's development. Therefore, every student is expected to take an active part in the school's annual production. Participation ranges from a lead or supportive role to set design, crew and sound/lighting. Past performances have been Oliver, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty.


    Every second week the students Grades 1-12 divided by gender attend a Bible study during lunch period. These student-led studies with faculty oversight begin the year with the text Young Peacemakers.

  • Rhetoric (9-12) Student Retreat

    An important part of CCS education is the passion to train up Godly leaders who understand their times and know what to do. Our Rhetoric students form an important and integral part of the life and culture of CCS. We look to them to set the standards for themselves and the younger students who are watching. Good leadership does not generally 'just happen'. It requires a systematic, strategic and intentionality exposing our leaders to what it takes from a spiritual, physical and emotional perspective, that so often is lacking. The intention behind the Retreat is to encourage, inspire, and train up Godly leaders who can recognize and anticipate areas of service in their community.

  • Mission Trip (7th-12th) 

    Matthew 25:40 states: "what we do unto the least of these, we do unto our Lord." In a culture that is forcing us to focus more on ourselves, CCS is taking a firm stand and emphasizing a return to Biblical standards and a call for Servant Leaders! With a theme of 'it's not about us', our students take on the challenge of serving others both here in Colorado and this coming year around the world. Although mission work is typically considered a service opportunity to bless others, we know that it changes us. We are looking to visit Bolivia, Guatemala, and Haiti.

  • 8th Grade Accolade

    In recognition of the hard work and commitment to excellence, we conduct a year-end celebration to honor our 8th grade students as they leave the School of Logic to enter the School of Rhetoric. The main focus is on character, beauty, goodness, and truth. They are challenged by their parents, the school, and the board to use what they have learned for the glory of God. Bagpipes set the tone for the entire celebration as they move in and recess out of the ceremony. Hebrews 12:4 speaks to the fact that the Word of God is a "two-edged sword" cutting deep to the soul of the matter. With this in mind and the literature studied through the year, each graduate receives a ceremonial sword to remind them of the spiritual battle.

  • 7th and 8th grade Declamation

    A declamation speech is the term used to describe the re-giving of an important or famous speech. It could be a political, graduation, or commencement speech, an inspirational charge, a eulogy, or a sermon. The speaker re-interprets the original, reproducing its power afresh. The purpose is to have the student directly experience the power of masterfully crafted language. Through their presentation and interpretation, the techniques and skills of the original orator is learned.

    A major part of a classical Christian education is the ability to clearly articulate the knowledge and wisdom that has been learned, and declamation provides a wonderful opportunity to learn and express this skill.

  • Defense of Thesis

    As part of their graduation requirements, all CCS students must create, explore and then defend a thesis. This oral defense is given before a panel of experts (from the community) whose job it is to determine and examine how well the student has researched their thesis/topic and how well can they defend it and consider all viewpoints gracefully. This ability to research, listen, discern, argue, defend and articulate is the culmination of a classical Christian and Cornerstone Classical School education.

    This year our 'pilot' student successfully articulated and defended her thesis in front of a panel of 6 businessmen and women from the community. Her topic: The Changing Role of Courtship and Dating in American Society.  

  • Founding Fathers' History Trip

    This year the history focus of CCS has been the founding of America and the setting up of our great country. God's Hand and favor was truly upon our founding fathers as they fought for and achieved independence from England. Many inspiring and incredible tales lay entwined within the pages of our country's short history. With this in mind, hoping to learn first hand some of the struggles, the heroics, and the characters of those who fought for freedom, our 7th-12th grade will be spending a few days touring and experiencing the birth of America the Brave! 

  • sports

    •Soccer: This year Cornerstone Classical School will be fielding an exploratory spring school soccer program. Our CCS Lions will scrimmage their first year against teams from Aspen, Basalt, and Carbondale.  

    •Tennis: This year, Cornerstone will be fielding a tennis team that will compete in local competitions. 

    •Track and Field: The 2015-2016 track students will develop and improve upon last year's competition at which many school and district records were set and beaten. CCS competes in the annual Lutheran Meet that occurs in April.

    •Cross-country: CCS will compete at local and district cross-country meets.

    •Golf: This year CCS offers golf to the students.

    •Weight Training and Physical Fitness: With facilities on the CCS campus for supervised weight training and the added benefit of a local gym, our students will be able to work out and maintain a balanced and healthy outdoor life style.

    •Archery: Local archery expert provides instruction and training concerning all aspects of the sport of archery with the intent of equipping students to participate and engage in local competitions and hunts.

    •Fencing: This sport has long been held as being perhaps one of the oldest and most important to settle disputes and to demonstrate self-control over the body. This is a thinking person's sport and one that challenges the mind as much as it does the body.


    Christ Community Church and CCS students leading worship and preaching. In these tough confusing times it is good to know that God is still working through our youth.