New courses for 2017!

Cornerstone is excited to announce the following NEW courses for the upcoming 2017-18 school year

Introduction to Robotics

Grades: K-6th

In a world where technology plays an ever increasing role in learning and exploration, CCS is offering a basic Introduction to Robotics course that seeks to answer the question: “What if?”

This course is aimed primarily and intentionally at the younger grades with the desire to nurture an excitement and passion to know. Through providing hands-on experience with homemade robots, the students will be challenged to engage the curriculum, grapple with tough concepts and produce creative solutions.

They will begin to understand the concepts of a basic circuit (the NASCAR of electricity with electrons zipping around the track at high speed), then...

  • Electric Eyes

  • Burglar Alarms

  • Water Bots

  • Amphibious Bots

  • Jiggle Bots

  • Propeller Car

  • Robot Cable Car

  • Race Cars

  • Remote Control Bots


Grades: pre-K to 1st

To compliment our Latin program that officially starts in 3rd grade, this year CCS is excited and proud to offer an introduction to Spanish.

Children have a natural skill for learning languages and Spanish will be a wonderful tool for our young ones to have under their belt!

Leadership - Great Ideas

Grades: 9th - 12th

To understand our times and to be equipped to deal with the challenges that each generation faces, CCS is offering a year long Leadership-Great Ideas course. It is indeed important to know information, but it is crucial to know how and when to use this information. Students will engage the minds of great men who helped shape western civilization and grapple with ideas and concepts that help us to better understand who we are and what we are called to do. Some have called it “The Great Conversation,” others the “Long Debate.” CCS sees this course as integral in the growth and maturity of our students as they pursue goodness, beauty and truth!

Systematic Theology

Grades: 9th - 12th

Pastor Jim Tarr (of Christ Community Church), will be offering a unique and challenging course based on Henry Clarence Thiessan's book, Lectures In Systematic Theology.

For many years, this text has been used as a standard reference work in Bible institutes, colleges, and seminaries across the nation and throughout the English-speaking world. Our high school students will receive a comprehensive review of this text as they engage the author and his ideas that are rooted firmly in the Scriptures.

Art Classes

Art Through the Ages:  A Historical and Practical Survey of Art (Rhetoric)

Students will walk back through history to study and critique the progression of Art through the ages. They will begin their journey with the beginning of Prehistoric into Byzantine, move on to the Dark Ages into the Neo-classical, through the Romantic and impressionism to Fauvism and finally, Post-modernism.

  • Unit 1

    View Prehistoric to Byzantine art periods. Practise Basic Contour Line Drawing, Positive and Negative Space, Balance in Composition with the 3 Value System, Rule of Thirds, and One Point Perspective, using a variety of themes in art history, nature, still life props and the imagination. (Students will create landscape themed note cards for the end of November Silver Bells Auction.) Final: A completed original ”historically inspired” pencil drawing from the art viewed in Unit 1 along with one landscape note card. A completed realistic pencil drawing of an animal, and a Greek mythological creature on a Greek “paper” vase to be displayed on “columns”.

  • Unit 2

    Brief review of Unit 1. View art of the Dark Ages through the Neoclassical period. Practise the Three Value System for shading with pencil, using a variety of themes in art history. Learn Color Theory and the use of Watercolor Washes for Value and Depth, 2 Point Perspective, 3D Form and use of the Rule of Thirds/Golden Mean in creating balance in a composition. Learn methods in paper ma che for a sculpted acrylic painted dragon or creature/animal from a favorite book. Learn design techniques for an elaborately decorated and personally significant crown. Final: A completed drawing or watercolor of a 2 Point Perspective “foldout” story themed landscape in nature. A completed paper mache and acrylic painted creature/animal sculpture.

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