Frequently Asked Questions about CCS . . .

  • What kind of families are you looking for?

    • We are looking for like-minded families that share our passion for a quality education that equips our children to embrace goodness, beauty and truth.

    • We want families that value education and understand that our children will face challenges which they must face head-on; they must understand their times and know what needs to be done to restore and reclaim what has been lost

    • We want families that are taking their job as parents seriously and are looking to partner with others that share their core values

    • We are looking for families that understand and appreciate an engaging, nurturing, and vibrant learning environment

    What kind of student succeeds at Cornerstone?

    • The classical Christian approach appeals to EVERY student and any exposure to the classical Christian model will change their perspective forever.

    • Once the passion for learning has been re-ignited, when the student begins to see the ‘big picture’, when the child understands that there is purpose and meaning in what they are learning they begin to understand how the ‘jigsaw puzzle’ fits together

    • The classical Christian approach appeals primarily to the curious and those students that want to be challenged both academically and spiritually

    Is there homework?

    • Yes, there is an appropriate amount of homework that is given in all grades

    • Homework is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ as student grapple with difficult concepts that great thinkers before them have also wrestle with over the years

    • It is through homework that the student truly engages with the concepts and truly understands what the know and why

    • Homework also provides a ‘window’ for parents to see what is happening at school and, over the dinner table, to engage with their child in an active and intimate way

    What is Silver Bells?

    • Silver Bells is our annual school-wide fundraiser

    • It usually occurs as the holiday season begins in late November to early December

    • The money raised from Silver Bells is how Cornerstone bridges the gap between the actual cost to educate a student and the rate of tuition

    • Every parent is called upon to join the effort and to help make it a success

    Do students at Cornerstone take a standardized test?

    • Yes they do. It is called the CTP-4 (Comprehensive Testing Program edition 4) put out by the Educational Research Bureau (ERB)

    • This will be our third year to administer the CTP-4 test used by all ACCS (Association of Classical Christian Schools)

    • In the last 2 years Cornerstone has significantly raised it test scores so as to be competitive with many of the great classical Christian schools around the country-and only in our second year

    Do you have to be a Christian to attend Cornerstone?

    • While we do not demand that the student be a Christian to attend Cornerstone Classical SChool, it is a requirement that at least one parent is a believer

    Are you accredited?

    • Yes we are accredited with the National Association of Private Schools (N.A.P.S.)

    • We are also members (and have been for several years now) of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS)

    • Since this is our first year as a complete Preschool through 12th grade school, we can begin the accreditation process with ACCS. This usually takes about 3 years to complete

    I heard that you were a Homeschool Co-op. Is that true?

    • No. We are not a Homeschool Co-op and although we highly value the importance of homeschools and of parents being intimately and actively involved in the education of their children, we are a 5 days a week classical Christian school.

    • It is true, that we began loosely under the banner of the University Model (a couple of days at school and the others days at home) it became clear that there was a need to offer a traditional 5 day a week program offering excellent academics, a vibrant spiritual context while equipping our students to be the leaders that our country needs-similar to the education and character of our Founding Fathers

    Are you 5 days a week?

    • Yes, starting in 2016, we will have a quality 5 days a week program for all ages

    What is the National Latin Exam?

    • The National Latin Exam, as its name suggests, is a Latin exam that is held each year and tests the skill, knowledge and verbal dexterity of students that study Latin

    • Latin, far from being a ‘dead language’ actually nurtures many life long skills while also boosting SAT and ACT scores (for every Latin word that you know, you know 10 English words)

    • Last year was our first year to sit the National Latin Exam and of the 8 students that took this national test, 7 were nationally recognized and we brought home two gold and two silver medals

    Do you have uniforms?

    • Yes we have uniforms. Uniforms provide a unifying feel to our culture and reduces frustrations at many levels.

    • As the student reach HS (what we call the Rhetoric Stage) they have an active say in their uniforms and in policing it.

    • Information about uniforms can be found on our web site.

    Do you have sports?

    • Currently, we do not offer any official sports at Cornerstone. There are several reasons why. The Headmaster of Cornerstone played semi-pro soccer (football) in England as well as semi-pro tennis. He is a true believer in the benefits of a sports program.

    • We want to really concentrate on the scholastic side of things in the beginning and ensure that we have this down perfect. Once the academics are firmly in place, then sports will be gladly introduced to the program

    • Experience and research has shown that by introducing sport especially some of the more popular and bigger sports programs, that it directly affects the academic focus. It is like the ‘tail wagging the dog.’

    • Cornerstone enjoys a very healthy relationship with the surrounding public schools and our students that wish to play on a MS team are warmly welcomed

    Are parents welcome up at the school?

    • We welcome our parents onto campus any day at any time. In fact, there probably is not a minute that goes by of any day when there is NOT a parent volunteering at CCS

    • We truly believe in and encourage a partnership between parents and the school

    Does the school have a particular denominational preference?

    • Although Cornerstone Classical School is a ministry of Christ Community Church, it operates within a non-denominational environment

    • We have families and faculty from many different denominations

    • We teach and abide by primary doctrines, those truths that unite us.

  • what do you mean by christian?

    All knowledge is made complete only when seen and understood in relation to the eternal glory and purposes of the triune God.Each aspect of our educational endeavor is founded upon and informed by a thoroughly biblical worldview. All subjects are taught as part of a unified, integrated whole that demonstrates God's character and glory as revealed through creation, providence and Scripture. Education is inherently value-laden.  A classical Christian education is essentially a Christian liberal education - an education for Christians that prepares them to be free Christian men and women for service in God's kingdom. Therefore, we seek to offer an education that: 1) is both rich and challenging for the academically gifted students and at the same time accessible to those students God has gifted with "average" academic ability; 2) recognizes that all truth, goodness, and beauty consist in and proceed from the holiness and eternal majesty of God and are divine absolutes. We reject any subjective relativism that the secular world may assign to any of these; and 3) is designed to develop Biblical wisdom and Christian virtue by equipping students to know, love and practice that which is true, good, and beautiful.


    Schools who are members of the Association of Christian and Classical Schools (ACCS) consistently score 70-90 percent higher on national tests.  We believe Latin has much to do with the higher scores, not to mention the general educational benefits. Click here to read more...


    We take parental authority and, therefore, parental involvement very seriously. Depending on your background, you might be surprised how 'open' Cornerstone Classical School is to having you come and be part of the school's daily routine. From helping with reading groups to the reception desk, recess supervision, chaperoning field trips, there are numerous practical ways to be in your child's school.

  • will students really get an education if all they study is literature?

    The question assumes that 'classics' mean literature. It doesn't. There are classics in every field. Even in the most modern or technical fields there are classics. Literature is the easy one; we tend to equate the two because this is one field where schools still use classics like Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen. However, there are History Classics (i.e. Plutarch, Gibbon, Toynbee, The Declaration of Independence), Science Classics (i.e. Copernicus, Galileo, Newton), Math Classics (i.e. The Chosen, Gulliver's Travels, On Numbers), and there are classics that connect one with the other to life.