Heralding from the historic city of Canterbury, Kent, Mr. Steve Marshall was educated and trained in England graduating from the University of Nottingham in 1988 from a program that identifies gifted teachers with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education- Masters in Education. Steve has a sincere, genuine and proven passion for the classical Christian approach to education having dedicated his entire professional career to servant-leadership at all levels. Steve has an incredible natural ability to encourage, inspire and cast a vision that both advocates academic excellence and spiritual growth simultaneously to combat a world mired in cultural mediocrity.

Steve is also an accomplished public speaker having spoken around the nation at numerous locations including several ‘young’ schools and to a variety of audiences with much success. His passion, his experience and his engaging personality communicates a pressing need to return to standards that once made this nation great.

Married to Sherrie (also an accomplished educator from the great state of Texas) for 23 years, Steve is clearly a man devoted to his wife and family believing that the family is a precious gift from the Lord and a holy institution. Steve and Sherrie have been blessed with four beautiful children: Haley, Molly, Stephen, and Michelle.

Steve will provide Cornerstone Classical School with spiritual and professional leadership and expertise enabling our school to transition into one of the finest schools in the community and state. 

Teachers & Administration

Kim Choma

Jim DeBerge

Jennifer DeBose

Doug Gelpi

Kirstin Goth

Steve Marshall

Natalie Maske

Olivia Savard

Tom Stem

Rachel Tarr

Josh Valdes

Jim DeBerge - Admin Asst

Sarah Popish - Bookkeeper
Dee Schuler - Office Manager

Board of Directors

Cornerstone Classical School Board of Directors and the administration are planning and praying about the further growth of the school, both in facilities and the scope of the program, as more families become convinced of the necessity and advantages of a classical, Christ-centered education. The board operates under the school’s adopted by-laws, vision and goals statements, and provides policies to the directors for implementation in the programs. More details on the board’s operation and policies may be obtained from the school office.